TRADS works in educational and community settings to bring an enjoyment of the traditional performing arts to people of all ages and abilities.  We work with the premise that, although rooted in the past, our traditions are living and constantly changing.  We give them a relevance to the present day so that they can be taken forward with enthusiasm into the future.

TRADS provides workshops, tuition and performance experience.

TRADS uses the traditional music, song, dance, drama and calendar customs of England as a base for all its work and can also combine with practitioners in other genres to create  new and exciting musical fusions.

TRADS projects are for everyone.  We work with all ages and abilities in schools, colleges and universities, early years centres, community centres, youth clubs and day and residential centres.

TRADS projects can take place anywhere: educational establishments, village halls, community centres, churches,  museums, libraries, music and dance festivals, theatres, outdoor performance spaces and out in the countryside.

TRADS works mainly in the South East, in Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex.

TRADS was begun in 1993 Gail Duff, as a development of the Wealden Folk Project which she ran from 1990 to 1992.  The other two permanent TRADS practitioners are now Lucy Duff and Nick Powling.  Other musicians, dancers, actors and artists are brought in for specific projects where additional skills are needed.

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