Calendar Customs

The British Isles are rich in traditional and colourful calendar customs that celebrate the seasons and the turning year.  TRADS practitioners have a deep knowledge and experience of these traditions and of the music, dance, song and spectacle that accompanies them.

School and Community Workshops

TRADS seasonal workshops for schools and community groups involve the dance, music, song, drama and traditions of the turning year.  They are participatory and can be turned into performances and can be adapted for all ages, abilities and interests.  Topics:

  • Speed the Plough
  • Spring Rising
  • Pace Eggs and St George
  • Maytime and Haytime
  • Fire and Light (celebrating Midsummer)
  • Harvest Home
  • Samhain and Souling (Autumn to Winter)
  • Merry Midwinter

‘Broomsticks to Barleycorn’: a workshop to take you round the year in traditional music, dance, song, drama and spectacle. It is fully participatory and can be adapted for all ages and abilities.  It can also be turned into a performance to suit all occasions and locations.


 TRADS can direct a calendar event for your school, community or public space.

TRADS can research and re-instate traditions that have been forgotten.

In 1991, when still the Wealden Folk Project, we re-introduced the tradition of Wassailing to a village in East Sussex.  From this single event, which still continues in early January each year, Wassailing has now become a regular feature in the folk calendar in both East and West Sussex and Kent.

Also as the Wealden Folk Project, we were responsible for the Mayfield Blacksmiths Procession, celebrating St. Clement with flaming torches and a fired anvil.  This took place in the village for twenty years and, after a short break, should be back in 2012 with new, local organisers.

The first Tree Dressing event created by TRADS for the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum was a new event inspired by the organisation, Common Ground.  After eighteen years, it has become an established tradition.

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