English Ceilidh

English Ceilidh

English Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is the term for energetic English social dance that is now so popular at festivals and locally run events.    It provides an opportunity for people to dance together, in pairs and in groups and, as well as being highly enjoyable excercise, can bring about a sense of group achievement.  It is suitable for people of all ages and can be adapted for all abilities, even for wheelchair users.

In Schools:  English ceilidh is most suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4.  It can cover a variety of curriculum points, including PE, music, maths and history.  It is excellent for improving spacial awareness and listening skills, and it  provides an enjoyable experience of teamwork.  We can offer:

  • A one-off taster workshop
  • A series of workshops leading to a performance; which could also involve teaching some of the participants to call the dances
  • Dances linked to the curriculum eg. Tudors or Victorians
  • A series of workshops in which participants are given the opportunity to devise their own dances
  • A total ceilidh experience for school musicians and dancers (KS3 and 4):  school musicians learn enough tunes to play for an evening’s dance; dancers learn all the dances and also how to call them confidently enough in a real ceilidh situation to the music being played by their own band; school media studies or English pupils handle the publicity and organisation.  Participants will be given a handbook containing dance notations, music and calling instructions together with a list of internet sites of modern bands and music and dance festivals.

Youth Groups:  One-off taster workshops make an interesting addition to the regular programme of events.   Dances can also be taught for performance.

Adult Groups:  We work with adult groups and clubs for people of all ages and offer taster workshops or a progressive course

Day Centres and Disabilities:  The dances can be adapted for older people, for those with disabilities and for those with special educational needs.  Our tutors all have experience of working in this sector.

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