Place & Landscape

TRADS specialises in researching, writing and producing performances which celebrate a sense of place and landscape.  We have worked along the Downs, around the coast and on the banks of rivers, in villages and in town centres, woodlands, orchards, open air museums and nature reserves in Kent and East and West Sussex.  All types of community group can be involved in the performance, from the mother and toddler group to the Church Choir, and including schools and youth groups.

The performances involve a mix of song, dance, music, drama, storytelling and the production of visual artwork.  Single workshops on a heritage theme are also available.

TRADS workshop leaders are themselves artists and performers within the landscape.

‘TRADS have that magical ability to incorporate and celebrate the landscape through their own form of creative learning and interpretation.  With their inspirational storytelling, knowledge of heritage and ability to provoke wonder in the mosaic of varying landscapes through all of their creative works, TRADS delivers this through community engagement, helping others to do the same’.  Pippa Palmar, Kent Downs Landscape Education Project.

‘TRADS are unique in their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm regarding heritage aspects, from history and storytelling through to music and dance.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and they have inspired people of all ages to find out more about their local heritage’.  Tony Gowers, Manager of North Downs Way National Trail.

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